Spes: Historical Fencing Gear

"The lengthy experience made us a leader in the safest, most convenient HEMA gear in the world. Even today we are regularly being mentioned in HEMA gear ranks with our jackets, pants, and covers. To share our passion, we try to support HEMA events and non-profit organizations all over the world. Together, we want to popularize knowledge and abilities connected with Historical European Martial Arts." 

When we talk about SPES, we are talking about one of the leaders in the HEMA equipment and protections to safely practice this awesome martial art.

At the scenic sword fighting training, at the beginning of 2020, I started training with the guys of the SAAM Romagna Malatestina (from Cesena). Inevitably after the first few months, i need to buy first protections to start "sparring" against an opponent. Immediately SPES proposes to collaborate ...and here I am!

I am proud and extremely honored to represent one of the best "leader" for HEMA Equipment in the world.


Spes provides everything you need for HEMA equipment. A few examples:

  • PROTECTION (torso, hand, leg);
  • TRAINING WEAPON (wooden, synthetic, foam, still);;
If you have arrived here, it's time to shopping:

with the BEA4SPES code you will have included in the order a small gadget. While for orders equal to or greater to € 200.00 (shipping costs excluded), you will receive a free Action Dry t-shirt, or a pair of fencing socks or a Hema towel. How to do? Is simple.

> Go to your cart and enter the code BEA4SPES, as noted in the "Customer Opinion" section, and that's it.