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Sono onorata di rappresentare nel mio piccolo mondo fatto di spettacoli, allenamenti, studi, accademie due realtà come queste.
Fidatevi non vi consiglierei mai qualcosa che non ho personalmente testato e, passatemi il termine, "sudato" sulla mia pelle.

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"We want you to never give up and to stay strong physically and mentally. Our clothing is a symbol of standing back up, fighting against any resistance life throws at you and becoming stronger. This is the idea of where our company was born. Motivate strong women to overcome their adversaries and embrace their strength, no matter the source"

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"The lengthy experience made us a leader in the safest, most convenient HEMA gear in the world. Even today we are regularly being mentioned in HEMA gear ranks with our jackets, pants, and covers. To share our passion, we try to support HEMA events and non-profit organizations all over the world. Together, we want to popularize knowledge and abilities connected with Historical European Martial Arts."

ncluded on your order, you get free gadget (for small order) or product (HEMA towel, socks or t-shirt) for big order.